Extruded parts

Parts for automotive air-conditioning systems

On the basis of customer drawings, we produce parts for air-conditioning systems in motor vehicles such as:

- Hose pressing sleeves
- Silencers
- Power pack housings
- Dry-filter housings, etc.

Material: Aluminium and aluminium alloys

Fuel filter housings and lids

We have the equipment to produce all designs and shapes of aluminium for the automotive industry. With high quality standards and advanced technical know-how we meet highest requirements in this product group.

Material: Aluminium

Housings for electrical capacitors

Capacitor housings for application in all common sizes and designs:
- with threaded pin
- with smooth bottom
- with inside pin
- with beaded rim
- with internal pipe
- with bead
- with inside and outside welding pin
Our capacitor housings with jacket slit valve prevent explosion in situations of unexpected high gas pressure. The rated break point is obtained by a partial reduction of the wall thickness. The product remains leakproof and non-permeating up to the level of the critical opening pressure.
German patent No.: P 41 33 340.3 33

 Aluminium, aluminium alloys and copper

Special pressed parts

We produce extruded parts with machining and non-cutting processing for many applications.

The following technologies are available:

- thermal treatment such as quenching and tempering of aluminium alloys as well as soft annealing and recrystallization annealing
- CNC turning and milling
- chipless processing such as upsetting, embossing, punching, thread forming

Material: Aluminium and aluminium alloys

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